Summer of 2023

We started early this year, the weather has been hit and miss. Hopefully it will get nice for fathers day weekend coming up. Give us a call to make a reservation and treat your dad to a great fathers day gift. We only have the Biplane flying this year.

Up and Flying Soon

We are hoping for better weather this year. Let’s see that sun come out and shine and the wind be calm! Just and FYI we did have to raise our prices a little this year due to the high rising gas prices and everything else with the economy. We promise to make it up to you by giving an incredible ride along the ocean and showing you the beauty of the Oregon Coast. We are planning on having plane there and ready to go by the 13th of June.

Summer of 2020

Thank you all for a great summer! The wind wasn’t the greatest at times but all in all it was a nice summer. We will be taking reservations for the rest of our season at the beach and then will be doing a few rides in Hillsboro after that. If you do not get to go before we are done for the winter we will be back flying again in June of 2021! THANK YOU and have a nice winter.


For the month of September we will only be doing four days a week, Thursday – Sunday. I will be taking reservations for those four days and of course it will be weather permitting. Please call us at 503-701-7590 to make reservations. Thank you

Up and Flying

We are up and flying! The weather is cooperating for now. Update on rides it is you choice if you want to ear a headset. We are sanitizing after every ride. Give us a call and reserve your spot!

Flying Soon! July 2020

We are hoping to be able to start flying the first of July as long as the Corona Virus does not stop us from doing so. We will be doing things a little different this year for Sanitary and Safety reasons. We will not be offering headsets to wear and we will also be requiring customers to wear a mask during loading, flight, and unloading. We will also appreciate very minumal touching of the inside and the outside of the Airplane. Because of having to clean the inside after every ride we may not be able to get customers through as quickly and smoothly as normal so we would appreciate everyone’s hospitality and help through the whole process.

Thank You